The WSA Robotic Palletizer is designed with two (1) of the latest generation Kawasaki Robots. Robotizer transfers the layer on to a bottom sheet or pallet, also at a rate of 15~16 cycles per minute and utilizes a unique basket design which provides for optimum handling in the transfer of layers. With all six sides of the layer being supported by the basket, we are able to achieve perfectly square finished loads. This unique design also allows for easy handling of unstrapped loads and die-cut boxes. Some of the standard feature of our robotic palletizer include:
• Centering Device
• Tier Squaring Section
• Layer Transfer Robot
• Tie sheet & Bottom Sheet Inserter
• Pallet Master to unstack & deliver pallets one by one
• Internal Conveyors, Fencing, and Touch Screen Operator Interface
• Data Interface with press for fully automatic setup